Silica Gel

Silica Gel remains the highest capacity absorbent available today. Silica gel is a porous, granular, form of silica, synthetically manufactured from sodium silicate. Silica Gel can adsorb 15% of its weight in water vapor in 2 hours. Meets FDA specifications for food and drug products.
The internal structure of each small silica gel granule is composed of a vast network of inter-connecting microscopic pores, which attract and hold moisture by a phenomenon known as physical absorption and capillary condensation. Silica gel is inert, non-toxic and safe to use in protecting foods, medicine, sensitive materials, etc. even when saturated with absorbed moisture, silica gel look and feels dry to the touch. Silica Gel is an amorphous synthetic silica gel with a large surface area to absorb the moisture from the surrounding atmosphere to protect the showpiece from humidity.

Silica Gel can be used as a general indicator of the water content of the air with the silica. As the silica gel absorbs moisture, it will change color from deep blue to light blue, pink and finally white.
Suggested usage for 1 LB of silica gel is about 5 cubic feet of space.
Place a small amount of silica gel onto cheesecloth. Tie the cheesecloth into a ball and place near the showpiece.
Silica gel could be reactivated by reheating to a temp with hot air or an oven at 350’F until silica gel turns a deep blue color.

High-performance silica gel with up to 40% adsorption capacity at 100% Relative Humidity
Shipped with less than 3% moisture content
High moisture transfer rate
High quality. Low cost
Comply to FDA CFR 21 for safe contact with food & drugs.

Indefinite if kept under recommended storage conditions. Store in cool dry place and in original container.

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