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  • Pink Shimmer Heart Sprinkles

    pink shimmer heart sprinkles

  • Red Shimmer Heart Sprinkles

    red shimmer heart sprinkles

  • Bat Shimmer Sprinkles

    bat shimmer sprinkles

  • Gold Leaf Shimmer Sprinkles

    gold leaf shimmer sprinkles

  • Shimmer Leaf Mix

    leaf shimmer sprinkles

  • Star Shimmer Mix

    star shimmer sprinkles

  • Shimmer Snowflake Sprinkles

    shimmer snowflake sprinkles

  • Autumn Leaf Mix

    autumn leaf sprinkles

  • Orange Pumpkin Sprinkles

    orange pumpkin sprinkles

  • Ghost Sprinkles

    white ghost sprinkles

  • Ghost, Pumpkin & Bat Mix

    ghost pumpkin and bat mix sprinkles

  • Christmas Tree & Candy Cane Sprinkles

    christmas tree and candy cane sprinkles

  • Holly Leaf & Berry Sprinkles

    holly leaf and berry sprinkles

  • Christmas Tree Mix Sprinkles

    christmas tree mix sprinkles

  • Gingerbread Man Sprinkles

    gingerbread man sprinkles

  • Blue & White Snowflake Sprinkles

    blue and white snowflake sprinkles

  • Snowflake Sprinkles

    white snowflake sprinkles

  • White Candy Cane Sprinkles

    white candy cane sprinkles

To Order, Please call us at

+1 (860) 826-7199

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