Rolled Fondant


Because the fondant is placed on the cake rolled out, defects on the surface of the iced cake can show as uneven areas. Carefully trimming will definitely benefit the finished appearance of the cake. Before rolling out and applying the fondant, a thin coat of apricot jam or piping gel should be applied to the surface of the cake or icing.

Using confectionery sugar, lightly dust the work surface. Do not use flour or cornstarch, as it will dry the surface of the fondant and create cracks on the surface of the cake. Knead the fondant until it is pliable prior to rolling out. Roll out the fondant into a circle that is 8 - 10" larger than the diameter of the cake. Move the fondant frequently on the work surface as you are rolling out to prevent sticking. DO NOT FLIP OVER THE FONDANT. The proper thickness for fondant to be applied to the cake is 1/4" thick. Roll fondant onto a rolling pin and unroll with the edge touching the cake board. Rub the fondant gently or with fondant paddles and smooth out the top and sides to a smooth finish. Move down the side of the cake, and pull down the pleats from around the cake, polish the cake with fondant paddles for best results. Use a sharp knife or pizza cutter to remove excess at the bottom of the cake. The cake is now ready for embossing, decorating, painting, crimping and other decorations.

Cake Layer diameter - Fondant Needed
4" - 1 lb
6" - 1lb 12 oz
8" - 2 lb 4 oz
9" - 2 lb 10 oz
10" - 3 lb 12 oz
12" - 4lb
14" - 6 lb
1/2 sheet cake - 5 lb


Should be stored cool and dry.

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