Microsauce is designed for applications requiring hydration without heating. It produces high, smooth viscosity in both hot and cold liquids. Microsauce provides stable thickening for gravies and sauces, moisture retention for bakery applications, viscosity for pie fillings, and particle suspension in salad dressings. It hydrates easily to provide a smooth texture with surface gloss.

100% vegetable properties
Stabilizer in ice cream and sorbets
Disperse easily in cold and hot liquids
Can enhance flavor release
Smooth flavor profile
Aids in suspension of particles
Provides excellent clarity and sheen to the fruit fillings
Freeze/thaw stable
Does not mask flavors, does not have starchy aftertaste
Thickens without lumps
Keeps fats emulsified in mixtures
Great breading for meats if used at 30% of breading, created soft texture crust

Moisture, ------------------------------------ % 8.0 max.
pH ----------------------------------------------- 6.5-9.25
Ash (residue on ignition), --------------- % .05 max.
Protein , --------------------------------------- % 0.35 max.
Aerobic plate count, ----------------------- cfu/g. 10,000 max.
Yeast,.------------------------------------------- cfu/g 200 max.
Mold, -------------------------------------------- cfu/g 200 max.
Coliforms --------------------------------------- <10/g (none detected)
E. Coli --------------------------------------------- negative/10 g.
Salmonella -------------------------------------- negative/10 g.

Store in a cool, dry area, preferably less than 90°F and less than 60% relative humidity. Under these conditions, shelf life of unopened bags should be a minimum of two years.

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