Improved workability
Non-hygroscopicity process
Storage stability
Clean, sweet taste
Low caloric value

COLOR - White
AROMA - None
TASTE - Sweet
TEXTURE - Granular

Pure, sweet taste
A lesser sweetness than sucrose
High chemical and biochemical stability

To prepare Isomalt for pulling and blowing, place the desired amount of Isomalt in a stainless steel pan. Dissolve the Isomalt without water, glucose or tartaric acid. Heat on high heat until there are no pearls of Isomalt left in the mixture. Remove from heat and wait a minute to allow the bubbles to subside. Pour the Isomalt syrup onto a silpat, marble or casting surface, and proceed to work with as sugar. It could also be reheated many times.
Remember not to overheat the Isomalt syrup too long or finished showpieces will be very brittle Due to the high working temperature of Isomalt, there are ways to adjust the working temperature. When Isomalt is processed as explained above it has a working temperature of 65’C - 70’C. Almost 15 - 20 ‘F higher than regular sugar. By adding water at the last stage, the isomalts working temperature is lowered to that of sugar.
Melt the Isomalt as directed above, to a temp of 180’C. Allow the bubbles to subside. Add 8 gr. Of water to every 1# of Isomalt. Mix the Isomalt to blend the sugar together. Once well blended, pour onto silpat, marble or casting mat and proceed as for sugar.

Isomalt should be stored cool and dry.

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