Disco Dust ®

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Nontoxic, For decorative use only.

To Order, Please call us at

+1 (860) 826-7199

  • Baby Green

    baby green disco dust

  • Bright Lime Green

    bright lime green disco dust

  • Chartreuse

    chartreuse disco dust

  • Christmas Green

    christmas green disco dust

  • Emerald Green

    emerald green disco dust

  • Green Rainbow

    green rainbow disco dust

  • Hologram Jade

    hologram jade disco dust

  • Lime Green

    lime green disco dust

  • Lime Zest

    lime zest disco dust

  • Moss Green

    moss green disco dust

  • Ocean Spray

    ocean spray disco dust

  • Sea Green

    sea green disco dust

To Order, Please call us at

+1 (860) 826-7199

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