Cold Process Pastry Cream

Cold Process Pastry Cream provides fillings with stable thickening capabilities. As a specially designed product for the gourmet food industry, it imparts freeze-thaw stability for fillings and pastry cream. Blended with cold milk, it form a smooth, viscous, creamy pastry cream.
Cold Process Pastry Cream is a blend of the finest ingredients to improve texture and mouth feel as a stabilizer and thickener that provides products with a rich and cream body and a strong dairy flavor.

COLOR - Cream white
AROMA - Sweet vanilla
TASTE - Sweet
TEXTURE - Free flowing powder

Stable thickness
Clean flavor profile
Smooth texture
Requires no eggs
Resistant to weeping and separation
Emulsifies ingredients to a smooth gel
Use as a stabilizer for cream filling
Freeze proof with whip cream

Directions: Pour 19.75 oz of water or milk into a mixing bowl. Add 8 oz of instant custard cream. Mix 4 minutes at high speed until smooth and creamy.
Add flavors and extract, blend well. Keep finished product refrigerated.

Should be stored under conditions of low temperature and low humidity in airtight container.

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