Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter & Colored Cocoa Butter is used for decoration on chocolate, gum paste, pastillage and tallow sculpture. Colored Cocoa Butter comes in 6 colors with additional colors to be added to the line. Used extensively on chocolate and pralines for accent and decoration. Can also be used to color white chocolate or milk chocolate to create unique color.

COLOR - White, green, yellow, orange, red, blue
AROMA - Cocoa, chocolate
TASTE - Hard when cold, smooth and liquid when heated
TEXTURE - Free flowing liquid

Bright, eye catching color concentration to accent decoration
Used at temperature 89‘F in molds, acetate, sprayed onto chocolate and used as coloring for buttercream and fat based products

Warm product to 89 ‘F in microwave or over water bath. Pour into spraying machine and use as needed.
NOTE: Keep the machine warm or the cocoa butter will clog the spraying nozzle.

Store in original container in a cool and dry environment.

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